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Last updated April 1, 2021

The Best Bitcoin Games

Bitcoin is a form of cryptocurrency, a new payment system that’s taking the world by storm. It allows users to store and send money with ease and is ideal for online gambling and gaming. Many online casinos are starting to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. There are also lots of games and casino out there that payout in crypto, giving big rewards to lucky players.

The Best Bitcoin Games

The technology behind cryptocurrencies, the blockchain, can also be used to power games. Because the blockchain is public and decentralized, it can’t be edited. So any transactions recorded on it are verified as true. This means that it’s a perfect way for casino games to prove their fairness. The payouts and transactions of a game can easily be looked up and verified by players and gaming authorities. While some users may find it hard to trust online casinos, games based on blockchain technology can give them peace of mind because they’re provably fair.

At SlotsBang, we enjoy all kinds of games and have tried a few Bitcoin games over the years. We like to share the best games with other players, and so we’ve made this list of some of our favourites. These are all cryptocurrency-related games that either run on the blockchain, reward players with cryptocurrency or both!

Bitcoin Minesweeper

If you’ve played the classic minesweeper game that might have been on your old computer, you’ll be familiar with this one. If you’ve never had the pleasure of playing minesweeper before, it can look a little complicated at first. The premise, however, is fairly simple. You’re faced with a minefield and must locate the mines and clear a path to safety. Sounds simple enough, but one wrong move and it’s game over.

Before you start playing, you’ll set your bet and choose the number of mines between one and twenty-four. The more mines you add, the harder the game will be and the bigger your payout. Once that’s set up, you’re ready to enter the minefield and click the squares that you think are clear. You can take your cashout at any point, but the more spaces you clear, the bigger the reward will be. If you land on a mine though, you’ll lose your stake.

This game runs on the blockchain, so it’s provably fair and has a has house edge 1%. The low house edge and fair rating mean it’s an excellent alternative to traditional table games if you feel like playing something a bit different. Minesweeper is a classic game that’s simple yet rewarding, and it’s great to see a modern updated version.

Diamond Poker

This is a fairly straightforward yet engaging game that combines the hands of Poker with diamonds. You draw five diamonds at random and have to land a hand to land a win. Diamonds are all different colours, and you’ll need at least a pair of the same colour to win the hand. Hands are similar to Poker with two of a kind, three of a kind, full house, four of a kind and five of a kind. The payout you receive will depend on the hand you land, higher-ranked hands will award bigger payouts. Two of a kind wins give 2x your stake while players lucky enough to land a five of a kind will win 50x their stake.

This game is very simple to play yet incredibly fun. The potential of big payouts makes it highly exciting, and if you’re lucky, you could come away with a lot of extra cryptocurrency. This game runs on the blockchain, making it fair to play and there’s a house edge of 1.7%. If you enjoy Poker but want to try out something a little simpler, diamond Poker is a great option.

Bitcoin Dice

Bitcoin dice where some of the first Bitcoin based games to spring up online. These games use the blockchain to roll a random number, and the player must guess whether it will be higher or lower than a certain number. You can adjust the probability up or down to create a bigger or smaller payout depending on what you prefer.

Some Bitcoin dice games also include progressive jackpots. These add up over time as more people play the game, eventually reaching hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. The progressive jackpot can be won randomly at any point but will keep increasing until it’s triggered.

Dice games are very simple to play but remain one of the most popular ways to play with Bitcoin online. They’re provably fair as they make use of the blockchain to create transactions and perform the rolls. Most games have a house edge of 1%, making them one of the best ways to gamble online.

Wheel of Fortune

Anyone who’s ever watched a classic game show will be familiar with the Wheel of Fortune. This is a giant wheel which contains prizes in each section. Its spun around and will award whichever prize it lands on. With these modern Wheel of Fortune games, you can adjust the size of the segments to change how much it will payout.

Different segments of the wheel will payout different amounts of crypto, and you can set the risk setting at low, medium, or high to change the segments. Segments include the grey area where you’ll lose your stake, the green section which pays out at 1.5x and the white which gives 1.7x. There’s also a yellow, purple and orange segment which payout 2x, 3x or 4x.

Obviously, the higher the payout of the segment, the lower the chance of the wheel landing on it. If you lower the risk level, there will be a higher number of low paying segments. Increasing the risk level will give a higher number of high paying segments but also increases the number of segments which don’t payout.

This is another great of a casino game that puts the blockchain to good use, creating a fair and reliable game. Wheel of Fortune games usually have a house edge of 1%, making them an excellent choice for players. The fact that you can alter the risk is a bonus, as it makes the game accessible to everyone.


Roulette is a classic casino game that’s long been associated with traditional casinos. It now finds it’s way to Bitcoin casinos where the use of blockchain technology helps to make it provably fair and more fun to play.

Provided you’re playing European Roulette, the game should only have one green place and a house edge of 2.7% at most. The game is easy to play, simply choose the bet you’d like to make and then spin the wheel. Bets can range from single numbers with big payouts to choosing odds or evens or the colour for a much smaller payout. You can also select different groups of numbers or place bets on multiple options at once.


Bitcoin Plinko is a modern take on the classic carnival and fairground game. You drop a ball into the obstacle course, and it falls downwards through the course before landing on a prize. The obstacles will change the direction of the ball, which is what makes this so challenging. This is another game that’s incredibly simple to play, and yet it’s highly engaging because of close those big prizes are.

Most games of online Plinko will let you adjust the difficulty depending on how you like to play. Prefer to win small prizes more often? Set the risk to low. Prefer to win big prizes less often, set it to high risk and chase those big crypto prizes.

Plinko is based on the blockchain, so all of the inner workings of the game are fair and can be proven to be fair. This game has a house edge of just 1%, giving players an excellent chance of winning. While the fairground game can be infuriating, this modern version can be incredibly rewarding, especially if you have the risk set to high.

Hi Lo

This is probably one of the most basic games out there, and yet it still manages to be a lot of fun. The premise of the game is that you’ll be dealt a card and must bet on whether the next card will be higher or lower. The odds you’re given will depend on the card you’re dealt. For example, if you’re dealt a low card, there will be a low chance of the next card being lower so the payout will be higher for choosing this bet.

If you prefer to skip the current card you can, and your stake will be used on the next card instead. You can also still win your bet if the card drawn is the same value as the one you’re holding. For example, if you’re dealt a three and you bet on higher. If the card that comes up is also a three, you’ll still win your bet.

You can continue the game until you feel like cashing out and taking your winnings. This is a great game for those totally new to online gambling as it’s so simple and is also surprisingly exciting. As with a lot of other Bitcoin games, Hi Lo typically has a house edge of 1% although this can depend on the casino you’re playing at.


Blackjack is one of the world’s most popular table games thanks to its incredibly low house edge. The game is also great fun to play, and while it may be associated with land-based casinos, it’s also available to play online at Bitcoin casinos.

Blackjack is simple enough to play but involves a lot of strategy to know which actions you should take. The basic premise is to beat the dealer while avoiding a card total of more than 21. You can read more about how to play in our online Blackjack guides.

This is one of the most popular card games and for good reason. Bitcoin Blackjack has a house edge of just 0.46%, the lowest of any online casino game. While the payouts tend to be lower than some other games, you’re much more likely to win consistently with Blackjack, especially if you know basic Blackjack strategy.


This fun football-themed game is an interesting departure from the common casino games that use cards or dice. Here you’ll be taking on the role a penalty kick specialist trying to put the ball past the goalkeeper. Before you take your kick, you’ll need to place your stake.

You’ll have three different options of where to kick the ball, and the goalkeeper will dive in a random direction after you take the kick. There’s a one in three chance of the goalkeeper getting it right and making the save, giving you pretty good odds of winning. After you score a goal, you’ll be able to take another shot, increasing your potential payout.

You can also adjust the difficulty of the game, with novice, pro and expert levels changing the likelihood of the goalkeeper saving your shot and changing your payout. This is a fun game to play if you fancy something a little different, and you’ll find yourself always going for one more shot to try and increase those rewards.


This game sees players embarking on a quest to reach the moon as they blast off in a shuttle at high speeds. The longer you stay in the game, the higher your rewards will be. Unfortunately, the further you go, the higher chance you have of crashing and burning.

This is a simple game that doesn’t require a lot of strategy or planning, but it’s still really exciting and will have you trying to see just how far the shuttle can go. It’s a lot of fun watching the multiplier increase rapidly as your shuttle gets higher and higher into the atmosphere.

Other versions of this game include games called Crash and Adrenaline. These games typically have a house edge of 1%, so they’re a good choice for players who don’t want to risk too much. There are some big potential payouts available too. While the lower payouts are obviously more common, a player can rack up some big wins if they can hold their nerve for long enough.


Baccarat is another popular casino game that has a lot of history. The original creators of the game probably wouldn’t be able to comprehend it being played over the internet using Bitcoin and yet here we are.

In this game, you’ll be able to choose whether you want to bet on the Player, the Banker or a tie. Both yourself and the Banker will receive two cards, and the objective is to hit a nine or as close to nine as possible without going over.

Baccarat has a low house edge of 1.1%, and in Bitcoin versions of the game, a tie will result in a push bet if you bet on either the Player or the Banker. That means your stake will be returned to you. This game is like a simpler version of Blackjack and is a lot of fun to play. Baccarat has a reputation for high stakes players, but you can play with whatever stake the casino lets you use.


CryptoSkull is a pirate-themed minesweeper game. Here, players will need to traverse through a minefield, avoiding the bombs and collecting as much treasure as they can on their way to the end of the trail. You can change the difficulty setting to either limit the number of pathways you can take or increase the number of bombs. Both difficulty settings will increase the payout of each level and give you more rewards for success.

This is a slightly different take on the classic minesweeper game and presents it with nice design and an interesting pirate theme. There are some big rewards available, particularly if you manage to reach the later levels. Of course, one wrong move and you lose your stake by stepping on a bomb, but that’s part of what makes the game so fun.


Keno is a traditional casino game which is sort of like a cross between Bingo and the Lottery. Now you can play a more modern version of the game online built on the blockchain. This helps to ensure the game is fair to play and with a house edge of just 1%, it’s got great potential returns.

Players choose numbers between one and forty and the game will then draw numbers at random. If the player’s numbers land, they win prizes and the more numbers you land, the bigger the rewards. Keno is a lot of fun and mixes in the most exciting elements of Bingo and the Lottery. It’s not overly complicated to learn the rules either so you can jump straight in and get started without needing to learn lots of strategy or rules.


Slide is an interesting game that can involve multiple players. You’re not playing against the other players though, instead, you’ll be playing alongside them. In this game, you’ll place your stake and then choose your target multiplier. For example, you might bet 100 sats on a 2.0x multiplier.

Once you’ve placed your bet and the time runs out, the horizontal reel will spin. The reel has places along it which each contain a multiplier. If the reel lands on a multiplier equal or greater than the multiplier you chose, you’ll win. Your win will always give you your stake multiplied by the multiplier you chose. For example, if you chose a multiplier of 2.0x and the reel lands on 3.0x, you’ll still have your stake multiplied by 2.

There is potential for huge multipliers to land, although the safer option is to always choose a lower multiplier as it will be much more likely to land. This game has a 2% house edge, a bit higher than some other games but the winning potential is also a lot higher thanks to the maximum multiplier of more than 4 million.

Video Poker

Video Poker is sort of like a mix between a video slot and the classic card game of Poker. Here, players will need to combine cards to get the best possible five card hand. Your payout will depend on which hand you manage to create with better hands giving higher payouts.

Players are dealt five cards after placing their stake at the beginning of the game. From here, you can choose which of your cards to keep and which to discard. Your discarded cards will then be placed by new cards at random. There’s a maximum payout of 800x your stake for the best hand in the game, the Royal Flush.

Video Poker is a lot of fun, and it’s good to see that it’s now been adapted to be played on the blockchain. With a house edge of just 1%, it’s also incredibly rewarding for players, and there are some surprisingly high payouts available for strong hands.


Slots are probably the most popular game in any online casino thanks to their fun themes, exciting gameplay and potentially massive payouts. While some users may not trust that online slots are completely random, blockchain slots are provably fair.

These games are normally very simple to play, simply choose how much you’d like to bet per spin and then hit the spin button. The reels will spin, and you’ll need to match three or more symbols across one of the paylines. Different symbols will payout at different rates, and some slots can give out big rewards for the rarest symbols.

While slots usually payout much higher than table games, they typically have a higher house edge too. Generally, slot games will have a 5% house edge, but you can find some Bitcoin slots that have a much lower house edge of around 2.9%. Slots are great fun to play, and even if you only play for a bit, you can still potentially land some big wins across the reels.

Arthur is a staff writer at SlotsBang. He contributes to all things casino, from our ‘how to play’ guides to tips on finding the best sites for your favourite casino games.