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Last updated November 25, 2020

Casinos by Software

There are loads of great casino software developers out there who regularly produce top games. At SlotsBang, we’ve compiled a list of the biggest and best software developers around. This list contains some of the leading casino game developers including the likes of Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt and more. All of the companies on this list produce quality games, year after year. While there are other great casino developers out there, we’ve highlighted the very best in the industry. Below you can see the list of our favourite casino game developers and find out more about them. You’ll also be able to discover our reviews of each company and find which online casinos feature their games.
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The evolution of casino software

The popularity of online casinos has expanded dramatically in recent years. More players than ever mean higher demand for better games. Online casinos are always trying to keep up by delivering new and exciting games while players are always looking for more variety. Because of this, the number of casino game developers has increased. Developers have also started to produce better and more exciting games.

Big companies like Microgaming, NetEnt, Play’n Go and many more now deliver extremely high-quality titles. These modern games are usually complete with superb graphics and animations. Online casino gaming has come a long way from the traditional 3-reel slots. Now with the advent of video slots and live casino games, it’s a great time to be an online casino fan.

The emergence of these top developer studios has led to a healthy amount of competition that’s led to more innovation than ever. Slots and other casino games have come a long way from the simple flash games from a few years back. Nowadays, many games are built on an HTML5 framework. This allows them to have advanced graphics and animations while being compatible with mobiles and tablets.

It isn’t just the appearance of games that’s changed, developers have also gone to great efforts to improve the way they’ve played. These days, casino games are packed full of exciting features, including bonus rounds and unique wilds. There’s also the introduction of expanding reels, avalanche reels, and tumbling reels. Traditional elements of games can still be found, of course. But developers are always innovating to make these features more entertaining and fun to use.

Top casino developers recommended by us

When it comes to casino game developers, the following are some of our favorites. At SlotsBang, we believe these are the top three developers in the industry. We’ve selected them because they consistently produce the highest quality games.


One of the best-known companies in the industry. Microgaming has changed the way we play online casino games for the better. This innovative developer has produced some instant classics over the years, and it shouldn’t be a surprise to see them in our top three. Microgaming has continued to raise the bar when it comes to game standards, and they now produce casino games for most top online casinos. The company is perhaps most famous for its progressive jackpot slot, Mega Moolah. Recently, Microgaming has been developing casino games using virtual reality technology.

Play’n Go

A company that always strives to produce games better than their last releases. Play’n Go has been developing games since 2004 and are highly experienced at providing top casino titles. Some of their games include hits like the Hugo series, Inferno Joker, Sabaton, Book of Dead and many more.

Net Entertainment

Often known as NetEnt for short, this developer is another industry giant. Some of the biggest and most popular slot games around have all been developed by NetEnt. The developer has taken industry standards to the next level. Hits from NetEnt include games like Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest, Mega Fortune, Blood Suckers and many, many more.

How does online casino software work?

In previous years, most online casino games were built using Flash, an animation software produced by Adobe. While it had many advantages, Flash was simply not able to keep up with the increasing demands of online casino games. On top of that, many casino users now access games directly from their phone or tablet. Flash often isn’t capable of running some games smoothly on mobile devices.

These days, not only do developers have to produce games that are packed with features, animations, and music, but they also have to make sure that they work on mobile phones and tablets. Because of this, modern games are usually built using the HTML5 framework. This programming language allows for games to load fast and play without stuttering, even if they have incredibly detailed graphics.

HTML5 is supported by all browsers and can also be used by mobile phones, making it the favorite choice for casino developers now. Now players can enjoy even the highest quality graphics on their mobile phones. There’s no need to download additional software and no stuttering or pauses in the action.

What makes a great casino game?

The answer to what exactly makes a great casino game will change a lot depending on who you ask. A lot of what makes games great is fairly subjective, some players prefer games that offer big potential jackpots. Others might prefer more casual friendly games that reward you little but often.

The volatility and payout rate of a game isn’t the only thing that can affect its popularity, of course. Truly great casino games appeal to a wide range of people and typically combine simple, easy-to-follow mechanics with exciting features. The best casino games all make sure to introduce bonus features that help to keep the game interesting, even if it’s played for several hours.

While not every game has to feature stunning 3D graphics, a game that uses quality animations and has a striking design will win a lot of praise. When looking for the best casino games, we also judge them on style as well as how fun they are to play.

In short, a great casino game has to play reasonably well, be fun to play over long periods and usually include a style or theme that makes it stand out from the rest. Everyone will have their own individual preferences, but this formula has led to many classics over the years.

New games that are released today are always trying to innovate and add new and interesting features. As casino players, we’re lucky to live in such a time where technology and competition have led to games that are getting better than ever.

The most promising software developers of 2020

Recent years have seen casino games getting better and better. More developers and better technology mean that the coming years will likely see a continued increase in the quality of casino games. In 2020, we’re likely going to be treated to more new games than ever from a growing number of top developers.

The next decade should be an incredibly exciting time for casino games and some of the hottest developers to watch out for include:


Having released its first slot title in 2010, at the start of a new decade Betsoft promise to continue to deliver top games. The studio made the switch to the HTML5 framework in 2016 and now provides excellent games that are available to play on all devices. Recently having won a host of awards for their work in the industry, 2020 is likely to be a great year for this developer.

Red Tiger Gaming

Relatively new on the scene, this developer was founded in 2014. Their relative lack of experience in the industry isn’t something you’ll notice though, as their core team is consists of experienced industry professionals. Red Tiger Gaming has released a huge collection of hits already and won multiple awards in 2019, particularly for their work on mobile games. If they carry on with their success, they’re definitely one to watch for 2020.

Big Time Gaming

Already with an impressive track record of innovation in the industry, Big Time Gaming is promising to be the next big thing in casino game development. The company has already put out a great catalog of games. If their recent form is anything to go by, 2020 is going to be another big year for them.

Why pay attention to online casino software?

Software is the most important part of any casino game. It controls everything about the way the game behaves and how it runs on your PC or device. It’s always a good idea to check out the developers featured at an online casino before you sign up. That way, you can judge the quality of the games and know whether they’ll run smoothly on your device.

Check out our top developer list to discover more about each developer and what kind of games they produce. With our list, you’ll be able to find the best online casino that’s suited to your preferences.

Often, the standard of game developers on a site is a good way to determine the quality of a casino. The best online casinos will feature the best developers. They’ll also usually have a good range of titles from a range of top developers, giving players more variety. At SlotsBang, we always include the developers in our reviews, carefully judging a casino based on the quality and variety of the games on offer.