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Last updated June 4, 2020

Top Tips to Extend Your Online Casino Gameplay More than Ever

It’s no secret how thrilling and fun online gambling can be. But with the importance of setting rigid budgets in mind, you may find yourself running out of money quicker than planned – and having to cut your gaming session short.

However, there are multiple techniques you can use to not only retain your money for longer but ensure your gameplay is as long as possible. Allowing you to make the most out of your online time and experience maximum enjoyment, here’s some top tips to keep your gaming sessions lasting longer.

1. Take it easy

Whilst it’s very easy to get carried away and have an ‘all or nothing’ attitude, that’s potentially the worst strategy you can have when wanting to elongate your experience as much as you can.

Playing sensibly and betting smaller amounts is a sure-fire way to keep in-line with your budget and gain experience at the same time. Taking it easy also provides much greater control over your entire gaming experience, allowing you to keep a clear head and remain focused for as long as possible.

Whilst potentially not the most stereotypically ‘exciting’ method of gambling online, making smaller bets and going slow are guaranteed to extend your gameplay for longer.

2. Be sensible when choosing games

With so many categories out there including table games, bingo, slots and even scratch cards, it can be very easy to assume all games in the same category follow the same patterns and rules. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

All games have a different RTP (return to player), and this will significantly contribute to how often the game is likely to pay out. In fact, even games from the same developer will vary significantly in terms of RTP. The more volatility a game has, the more risk of receiving a big hit when you least expect it.

Be sure to read-up on all the factors associated with your chosen game, and opt for one with low volatility if you want to extend your experience as much as possible – and remain within your budget for longer!

3. Set a winning limit

Obviously the goal is to play for as long as possible, but things can get a little extreme if you don’t set at least some boundaries. Other than budget, establishing an overall winning limit is essential to ensure you have the ability to quit while you’re ahead.

However, weighing up your priorities is vital to keeping in-check. If you set a super ambitious winning limit of thousands, you’re unlikely to ever hit it and will simply just be playing for the sake of it – and probably losing a lot of money in the process.

Achieving an equal balance of time playing and winning limit is very important, and could mean the difference between a sensible fruitful game and a disappointing loss.

So, next time you’re setting yourself up for a session at your favourite online casino, keep these tips in mind to extend your gameplay – the safe way! Provided boundaries are in place and you select games accordingly, you’re set for hours of entertainment.

Arthur is a staff writer at SlotsBang. He contributes to all things casino, from our ‘how to play’ guides to tips on finding the best sites for your favourite casino games.